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Avnion Dictionary

Website UI Redesign

Avnion Dictionary is an online Hebrew-Hebrew dictionary, based on the physic dictionary “Sapir”.

The problem

The website needed a redesign, modern and clean visualisation for the brand and logo, and improvement of user experience.

The outcome

A dynamic clean website that brings out all features of an online dictionary.
New logo based on the legacy of the old one.
Easy and useful fluent and responsive screens.

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Typography and colors


Fonts selection was made with the idea to remind the user of the Hebrew traditional font on dictionary book; “Frank Ruhl Libre” has serifs and it is very recognized with books and dictionaries.
For look and feel, serif font dose a great job as the title's font, but, for paragraphs was better to use a web font that more convenient for reading on screen.

Color Scheme

By changing the brand's primary color I wanted to connect the user with a specific type of dark blue, with the intention to make it more remarkable, also the idea was giving an adult, serious vibe.


My new logo takes the noticeable elements from the old logo: the letter “Alef” in Hebrew, and the book shape it reminds. In my new design, I wanted to honor the legacy of the brand and fit it for the new trends of design.

Old Logo

Logo Renew


This is the most central feature that the website has, the bar was built with tabs, like the original, with better functionality.




SCREENS  after

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