UI/UX & Branding

Bloom is a conceptual design for a gardening mobile application.
The project was designed as a graduation project for UI/UX course at Mentor College.

The problem

Many people want to grow their own home garden but don’t know how to do it.

The outcome

The application learns the user habits and teaches him how to take care of their garden and which plants they should grow, considering light, weather, temperatures, and user wishes.


Onboarding flow that characterise 2 types of users:

WIREFRAMEs to final screens

Onboarding Step 1: Reminders

User Dashboard

Plant Information



The name I gave - BLOOM has a connotation with a fresh start and new adventure.

Color Scheme

The choice to use a narrow color scheme of greens and gradients of greens comes, of course, from the natural character of the application.

Icons System

Using circular shapes works well with natural elements and are pleasant for viewers; all icons are simple and easy to understand.


User habits learning

Onboarding process of 3 simple steps analyses which type of user are you.

Teach you only relevant information

In gardening field, there is an endless information. But you got only your plants to become a professional gardener with.

Schedule your watering

Knowing that it’s not easy job to remember each and every plant watering schedule, the app helps keep up that with a daily notification.

Final design

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